Wealth Acceleration Recap: November

October 23rd we held our first Certainty Summit: A quarterly event for our Diamond Members designed to help them stay on the path towards Financial Certainty and “Wealth” (getting closer to the things that actually matter to you)


  1. Getting clear on your priorities

  2. Getting clear on your current position 

  3. Identifying and defining the gap between your current position and your priorities. 

  4. Strategically planning to close the gap:

    1. In the shortest amount of time possible

    2. With the least amount of risk possible  


Along the “Financial Certainty Path” there are built in check points as well as “life events” that could trigger us to change course/strategy moving forward. The Certainty Summit is one of those predetermined checkpoints. In October we covered: 


Priorities and the Investor Frame:


Re-examining our priorities and preferences, as they drive strategy. We have our members ask a couple of questions here:


  1. Have my priorities changed? If so, how?

  2. Given what I know now, would I opt back into the situation I am currently in? (Investor Frame) The answer to this question drives a 90 day action plan. 


Once priorities are clear and we’ve applied the Investor Frame we can help our members spend the next 90 days taking action that gets them closer to what they really want. 


You can see the Profit Priority and Investor Frame exercises here. 


You can get your own copy of the 90 Day Action Plan Generator here. 


Entity Structure For Tax Optimization 


When business owners come to my firm, Nth Degree CPAs the very first question EVERYONE asks is “How can I save the most money on my taxes possible?” 


We find that one of the top three expense savings is in restructuring their entities. 


Here is a short article with a breakdown of what most business owners can do right now


Selling More Of Your Service


We’re not “marketing” or “sales” people, but my firm has sold over eight figures in service without ever having to make hard pitches or use pushy sales tactics. 


A couple of months ago we built a short masterclass (about 5 videos, an hour each) breaking down the frameworks we use to stand out from the competition, provide a high level or service and make working with my firm a “no brainer” decision. 


You can see one of the most important trainings from the masterclass for free right here. 


Here’s to hoping you end this year strong. 


Dan Nicholson


Learn more about me and my story here [short podcast]

Learn more about working with my firm here. 

Any questions please feel free to email into questions@wealthqna.com


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